• Aug 02 2023


The production plant is situated at Tathali -9, Bhaktapur which is 16 km away from Kathmandu.
The area of 100000 square feet consists of a double-storeyed building which fulfills the latest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) i.e. USFDA, UK-MHRA, TGA & WHO guidelines.


Operated by skilled and experienced technicians, OPL is the first company to receive WHO-GMP for the hormonal drugs.


Well-designed HVAC system serves fresh air in the production unit as per the international standard through the Air Handling Unit (AHU).  Separate supply and return system has been installed in different manufacturing section. Ultra-modern reverse osmosis and demineralization water treatment plant has been installed which yield pharmaceutical grade water. All the water distribution system is looped to rule out any microbial growth


The production unit is equipped with latest and automated machines that manufacture quality products.


OPL manufactures medicines belonging to diversified therapeutic category- Anti-inflammatory, NSAIDs, BPH-agents, Anti-tussive, Anti-vertigo, Anti-allergic, Antioxidants, Dietary fat absorption inhibitor, Anti-cholelithic, Gastroprokinetic agent, Laxative, Neuropathic agent, Gynecological, Antibiotics, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-helminthic, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Urinary Alkalizer, proteolytic enzymes and vitamins.


The products are manufactured in different dosage forms: – Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals and Reconstutible Powder for oral suspension.