Established with a pure aim of striving for Passion to excellence, Ohm Pharmaceuticals Lab. Pvt. Ltd (OPL) was registered in Asadh 3, 2060 B.S with DDA registration in Poush 10, 2060 B.S. The company commenced its operation in the market on Asadh 15, 2066 B.S. Today, the quality medicines manufactured act as backbone to make it one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nepal. Being the first pharmaceutical company to receive WHO GMP for the hormonal drugs, OPL constantly endeavors to fulfill its mission “Passion to Excellence” and help people live lively.

Our Vision


Outstanding services and quality medicine are our practices for being acknowledged as a trusted company among the valued customers.


Paradigm shift in meeting the unmet therapeutic need of the nation by bringing new molecules.


Leading by innovative corporate culture to distinguish ourselves among all others.

Our Objectives

To meet the sheer expectations of Nepalese Medical Sector in designing and producing the allopathic medicines.

To ensure value, satisfaction, quality in terms of pharmaceutical production, moreover, availability and according services to our intermediaries and valued customer.

To deliver optimal value creation process and transactions ethically, among the associated trade organizations.

To put an endeavor to target all possible Nepalese Pharmaceutical Market with the Modern marketing Concepts applied.

To thrive for optimum utilization of the available resources to achieve the excellence in the pharmaceutical production and promotion.

To carry out “Research & Development” activities to meet our “P” vision.

To substitute the import of pharmaceuticals production thereby bridging the gap between demand and supply.

To set a benchmark for other by covering the milestones in the overall pharmaceutical development.

Our Departments

production 1


The production plant is situated at Tathali -9, Bhaktapur which is 16 km aw...


Quality Assurance

Believing in a strong principle rule “Do what you write and write what u ...


Quality Control

The quality control department of OPL is dedicated on producing a quality p...


Research & Development

OPL believes in innovation that produces breakthrough medicines which will ...


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