• Aug 02 2023

About Us


Established with a pure aim of striving for Passion to excellence, Ohm Pharmaceuticals Lab. Pvt. Ltd (OPL)  was registered in Asadh 3, 2060 B.S with DDA registration in Poush 10,2060 B.S. The company commenced its operation in the market on Asadh 15, 2066 B.S. Today, the quality medicines manufactured act as backbone to make it one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nepal.

OPL owns the collection of professional expertise as the people with the better attitude, integrity and teamwork to zeal towards the excellence that is worthy of world’s perception.

Being the first pharmaceutical company to receive WHO GMP for the hormonal drugs, OPL constantly endeavors to fulfill its mission “Passion to Excellence” and help people live lively. OPL offers outstanding manufacturing services complying with the systematic disciplines of WHO GMP.  We carry a broad experience in the production of promising products.

OPL believes in developing medicines and products that are cost-effective as well are capable of providing high quality care to improve the health of the patients. We are also focused on enhancing our services and technologies to expand the benefits of our products nationally and internationally.

Management and People

OPL believes in obtaining, utilizing and maintaining a satisfied workforce in order to achieve a well-managed corporation. We appreciate the efforts of our human capital to develop our corporation. Valuing this, we strongly concentrate in the Continuous Learning Process (CLP) in order to provide a frame work to encourage their knowledge and insight, vision, skills, self-development and attitude.

OPL always binds with the corporate ethics and provides a helping hand in the care of our human resources who are entrusted with the corporation.

OPL, as a corporation is organized and managed by the Board of Directors (BOD) followed by the respective managers to help uplift the prestige of the company.


Outstanding Services And Quality Medicine Are Our Practices For Being Acknowledged As A Trusted Company Among The Valued Customers.

Paradigm Shift in Meeting The Unmet Therapeutic Need Of the Nation By Bringing New Molecules.

Leading By Innovative Corporate Culture To Distinguish Ourselves Among All Others


To meet the sheer expectations of Nepalese Medical Sector in designing and producing the allopathic medicines.
To ensure value, satisfaction, quality in terms of pharmaceutical production, moreover, availability and according services to our intermediaries and valued customer.
To deliver optimal value creation process and transactions ethically, among the associated trade organizations.
To put an endeavor to target all possible Nepalese Pharmaceutical Market with the Modern marketing Concepts applied.
To thrive for optimum utilization of the available resources to achieve the excellence in the pharmaceutical production and promotion.
To carry out “Research & Development” activities to meet our “P” vision.
To substitute the import of pharmaceuticals production thereby bridging the gap between demand and supply.
To set a benchmark for other by covering the milestones in the overall pharmaceutical development.



The production plant is situated at Tathali -9, Bhaktapur which is 16 km away from Kathmandu.

The area of 100000 square feet consists of a double-storeyed building which fulfills the latest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) i.e. USFDA, UK-MHRA, TGA & WHO guidelines.

Operated by skilled and experienced technicians, OPL is the first company to receive WHO-GMP for the hormonal drugs.

Well-designed HVAC system serves fresh air in the production unit as per the international standard through the Air Handling Unit (AHU).  Separate supply and return system has been installed in different manufacturing section. Ultra-modern reverse osmosis and demineralization water treatment plant has been installed which yield pharmaceutical grade water. All the water distribution system is looped to rule out any microbial growth.

The production unit is equipped with latest and automated machines that manufacture quality products.

OPL manufactures medicines belonging to diversified therapeutic category- Anti-inflammatory, NSAIDs, BPH-agents, Anti-tussive, Anti-vertigo, Anti-allergic, Antioxidants, Dietary fat absorption inhibitor, Anti-cholelithic, Gastroprokinetic agent, Laxative, Neuropathic agent, Gynecological, Antibiotics, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-helminthic, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Urinary Alkalizer, proteolytic enzymes and vitamins.

The products are manufactured in different dosage forms: – Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals and Reconstutible Powder for oral suspension.


The quality control department of OPL is dedicated on producing a quality product.  A part of Quality Management System, QC department is designed to meet the modern requirements of laboratory safety. The perseverance and diligence of the skilled staff is successful to meet the analytical requirements of the company.

Quality control department performs analysis of various raw materials, intermediate products and finished product using pharmacopeial standard and other validated procedure. The laboratory is highly equipped with latest instruments such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), UV-Vis spectrophotometer and Infrared Spectroscopy (IR).

Pharmaceutical Grade Water flow into the laboratory to facilitate the quality testing and the laboratory is constructed as per the GMP guidelines.


Believing in a strong principle rule “Do what you write and write what u do”, the QA department of OPL monitors the overall aspects of pharmaceutical industry. The department is committed to vouch the integrity of products to meet the standard for the proposed use. The intellectual, accomplished and experienced staffs in the department continue to work in order to develop a systematic approach for the production of quality products.

The main functions of QA department involve:

Establish the quality system
Development of Quality Policy
Establish procedures and specifications
Review and approve or reject all things CGMP
Controlled Documentation and Record keeping
Preparation of BMR.
Batch or Lot Disposition
Internal Audit
Change control
Problem investigation
Customer compliance
Annual product review
Environmental monitoring and control
Effective communication to all departments
Validation of process, equipment, facility, cleaning and analytical tests.
Making recall decision
Keeping the management informed


OPL is engaged in domestic marketing with Kathmandu as the Marketing Headquarter (HQ). OPL has been successful in capturing the attention of the target market by its highly professional and competent marketing team. With an ultimate goal to help the people live lively, the highly motivated marketing team works together to achieve “Passion to excellence”.

Upgrading the product and the services to the customers has always been a driving force of the marketing and sales department with high integrity, transparency and environmental sustainability.


The PMT department is the backbone of the marketing team who are constantly working to shape up and help the marketing department. It is often considered as the brain behind marketing and consistently putting up an effort to upgrade customer satisfaction.

The major functions of PMT department are:

Conducting Research
Promotion of a product
Providing knowledge regarding the drug to ensure the distribution of accurate information
Help to uplift the company by determining potential new product that could be manufactured by the company
To emphasize on both the therapeutic and well as marketing aspects of the drug
Solving queries and providing literatures to the customers
Product training
Communication with the entire department
Product Promotion
To conduct Market Survey
DDA visit and ensure proper documentation
Conducting interview


OPL believes in innovation that produces breakthrough medicines which will be more important in the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years. Investing a considerate amount in the R&D department, it is facilitated with various latest equipments with an aim to achieve quick pilot plant scale up procedures and to develop a new formulation.

A distinct section is separated to carry out the R&D activities where promising formulations are pursued. Not only this, The R&D team also works to improve the existing formulation to deliver a quality service.